Bridepointe Condominiums

Board of Directors

Bob Crandell
Gary Volentine
Vice President
John Worden
Deniece Boehm
Bob Bickel Director


The rules set forth in this document are based on the By-Laws and Declarations of this Association. Our primary concerns are the appearance of your property, good-will, and the safety of you, your guests and your neighbors. Other considerations in the development of these rules are general courtesy, common sense, and basic good judgment. The management, acting as agents of the Association, have the authority to enforce the rules and regulations established by the Board, evict violators, issue fines, and obtain the assistance of law enforcement agencies - if needed. However, the first step to resolving any problem is the willingness of the homeowner to file a complaint with management.


  1. Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Please remember to be considerate of your neighbors during this time. No obnoxious or offensive activities will be carried out on anv area of the complex (individual units or the common area) either knowingly or negligently which may be a nuisance or annoyance to other owners or occupants. Repeated offenders will be issued a warning and fined at the Board's discretion.
  2. The use of charcoal fired barbecue grills within any building or deck area is prohibited. Charcoal grills will be removed from buildings or decks.
  3. Use caution when using electric grills by keeping them away from buildings and railings. Please remember your upstairs neighbor as smoke rises. Propane gas grills are allowed. Owners should use caution in positioning grills to avoid damage to the exterior of the buildings. Any such damage, including without limitation, injury to the vinyl coating of the building will be the sole responsibility of the owner. All propane
    tanks will be turned off at the tank when not in use.
  4. The general appearance and cleanliness of all outside decks is the responsibility of each unit owner and/or his guests. Care should be exercised when washing down, or sweeping, to prevent debris from littering decks of your neighbors below. Painted
    surfaces of railings and screened-in porch frames must be maintained and kept in good condition. Appropriate finish will be supplied by the association.
  5. Do not place decorative pieces or other items on the outside deck railings. Secure all hanging items for the safety of those below.
  6. Nothing may be placed over the outside railings for drying purposes. Do not attach clotheslines to the structure of the decks.
  7. It is the owner's responsibility to control their children or their guests' children while on property. There will be no climbing or playing on entries, railings, fences, ladders, etc. on the property. Minors will be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  8. Roller-blades, roller-skates, skateboards, bicycles, etc., are prohibited in parking lots or sidewalks. Basketball games/hoops and all other sporting activities are prohibited from parking lots or sidewalks. Owners are not to use the parking lot as a playground.
  9. The common elements will be kept free and clear of rubbish, debris, and other unsightly materials, decorations, or furniture. Cigarette butts must be disposed in the proper container. All trash will be in plastic bags and placed inside the trash hoppers or trash cans provided. The Association may permit furniture in specified common areas by written approval prior to placement of any such furniture. Any such approval is revocable at any time at the discretion of the Association. Disposal dumpsters are located on the property. Make certain dumpster lids are closed. Pick up litter around these receptacles.
  10. Burning of refuse is prohibited on the premises.
  11. Fireworks, firearms and air guns may not be discharged on the property at anv time. Violators will be subject to Camden County law enforcement.
  12. The throwing, or launching, of any projectiles in the complex is prohibited (i.e. stones, rocks, water balloons, etc).
  13. It is not the responsibility of the management to provide unit keys to guests of unit owners. The management company charges a fee for responding to lockout situations.
  14. Only one decorative sign or ornament may be displayed on the on the primary entrance side of the unit. No signs may be attached to the outward facing rails on the unit deck.
  15. The approved window treatments facing the exterior of the building are white and offwhite blinds. There are approved window tints, sunshades and, fans. For more information contact the Managing Agent. Storm doors can be bronze, black, grey, or white and may be either full view or two panel style. Any other type needs Board approval.
  16. In addition to the weatherization period, owners must turn the water and the waterheater breaker off each time they leave the condo for extended periods (i.e., from weekend to weekend) to minimize the possibility of damage to units around them. The owner will be liable for damages in violation of this rule. Fines will be levied for violators.
  17. Each unit owner will comply strictly with the provisions of any recorded Condominium Declarations and Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and, Amendments.
  18. Owners will not cause or permit any change in utilities or anything to be placed on the outside walls, decks or balconies of the building (i.e. signs, awnings, shutters, radio or television antennas, satellite television receiving equipment, etc) without prior approval of the Board.
  19. No gas cans, containers, vehicles, or equipment containing gases, are to be stored on decks, inside units, or on building walkways. This is in accordance with the City of Osage Beach Fire Marshall and the complex insurance company. A violation could cause the complex to have its insurance canceled and receive a citation from the Fire Marshall. One exception to this would be propane for the BBQ grills or fireplaces.


  1. Renters are not permitted to have a pet. Owners are allowed no more than 2 (two) common domestic pets. Any damage incurred in common areas caused by the conduct of a pet, will be repaired by the unit owner at the unit owner's cost. Pets must be on a leash (6 foot maximum length) at all times. No animals will be restricted by chain, rope or other method which is secured to any portion of a building, tree, shrubbery, or stake. Pet owners must immediately clean up after pet's defecation. No pets will be allowed to create a nuisance or disturbance.
  2. Do not leave pets unattended on condo decks.
  3. Owners with pets deemed a nuisance due to excessive noise or threatening behavior will receive a warning based on the first written complaint. All subsequent complaints will result in a $50.00 fine per complaint.


  1. Vehicles are prohibited from blocking entry walkways or stairways to buildings or dumpsters. Only those vehicles marked accordingly may be parked in designated handicapped spots, or a fine will be applied.
  2. The parking, storage, or repair of unlicensed, expired license, or disabled vehicles is prohibited. Any such vehicle will be subject to removal and storage at commercial storage facilities in the area at the owners cost. There will be no parking or storage of vehicles on premises that are not registered or are inoperable.
  3. Boats, boat trailers, RV's, campers, etc. are prohibited from parking premises, because of the limited parking space. If parked or stored under unauthorized circumstances, the owner will be subject to removal and storage (at owner's or guest's expense) at commercial storage facilities in the area.
  4. The use of common area utility services such as water faucets is prohibited unless otherwise authorized by the Association


  1. Obey all rules as posted in the pool area.
  2. There are NO LIFEGUARDS. Everyone is notified the pool is used at their own risk. Be careful.
  3. NO GLASS CONTAINERS or KEGS are permitted in the pool area. Litter must be placed in proper receptacles. There is a $100.00 fine for glass in the pool area. The fine will increase by $100.00 for each repeated offence. If the pool has to be drained, cleaned and refilled because of broken glass, the unit owner of the violator will be responsible for all associated costs.
  4. Running on pool deck area is prohibited. General acts of 'horseplay' such as pushing people into the pool is prohibited to prevent danger to those swimming, as well as, for the safety of the person being pushed.
  5. Noise must be kept to a minimum - this includes radios.
  6. A responsible adult must accompany children under 12. Any child under the age 7 must wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) while in the pool area at all times.
  7. Children wearing diapers or other 'protective' attire are not allowed in the pool for obvious sanitary reasons. Changing of a child's 'protective' attire is only allowed in the changing facilities, and must be disposed of in a sanitary manner.
  8. Deck furniture must remain on pool deck area.
  9. Appropriate swim attire must be worn in the pool, no cut-offs are allowed, as they cause the filter to clog.
  11. Roller skates/blades, skateboards, bicycles, etc. are not permitted in the pool deck area.


  1. Each slip Jessee is expected to keep their area clean and free of debris.
  2. Swimming off or near boat docks is not recommended and discouraged. Due to the underwater bracing around every dock and boat traffic the safety of both the swimmers and boat operators might otherwise be impaired.
  3. Running on docks or ramps is prohibited. Roller-blades, skateboards, roller-skates, bicycles, etc., are not allowed on the boat docks or ramps.
  4. Dock fingers and walkways must be cleared of all obstacles, including all personal watercraft (i.e. paddle boats, canoes, rafts, wave-runners, jet skis).
  5. Ducks are cute to watch but create a mess on the docks and walkways. Please do not feed the ducks.
  6. NO WAKE SPEED IS MANDATORY within 100 feet of docks, other watercrafts, and inside buoyed areas adjacent to docks.
  7. Caution guests with their own boats that vacant slips are private.
  8. Respect the rights of others by keeping all excessive noise at a minimum, while on docks or ramps. Loud and boisterous conduct on docks and ramps is not permitted.
  9. Dock utility service is restricted to the lessee or owner of a boat slip. No ship to shore electricity hookups for the purpose of refrigeration and utilities for more than 72 hours will be allowed, unless the slip owner is on the premises or prior permission is given by the Association.
  10. There will be no cooking, sleeping or living on watercraft docked at BridgePointe.
  11. No overnight docking is permitted on the outside of any dock.
  12. Tarps, curtains, or any other materials, are not to be used for wind or sun barricades on docks or slips.
  13. Special wiring beyond what is available is paid for by a slip owner after obtaining permission from the Board, or the Managing Agent, to install.
    Installation must be done by a certified electrician and meet all current standards.
  14. The proper way a boat is to be parked is as follows: The nose not extending onto or over the walkway area as to obstruct the pathway, and not beyond the upright steel posts closest to the walk area of your slip. Watercraft will not be permitted in any way to obstruct the walkway. Please follow this parking procedure because if someone is injured due to your boat being improperly parked, you will be solely
  15. Sub-leasing or use of dock slips by non-owners or people not residing on the premises is prohibited.
  16. Any child on or near the docks, under the age of 7, must wear a personal flotation device at all times.
  17. The storage and use of COMBUSTIBLE material on the docks is strictly prohibited.
  18. Fueling of boats, jet skis or any motorized vehicle is strictly prohibited on the boat docks.
  19. One dock storage container per lessee is allowed. It will be a white fiberglass chest type, of a size approved by the Board and will be located on the shore side and closest on your slip. Any hoist boxes or related equipment must also be located on the shore side and closest to your slip.
  20. No trash containers will be located on any dock.
  21. All boat hoists and/or personal water craft hoists installed will be of a design approved by the Board or Managing Agent of BridgePointe
  22. Nothing may be added, or attached, to any boat dock without the prior written consent of the Association, including swim platforms or other
  23. Repair cost for damage done to the dock's structure (i.e. decking, banning boards, white rubber vinyl, post bumpers, super structure, encapsulated foam,etc) caused by lessee's boat lifts, or other acts whether intentional or unintentional will be the responsibility of the slip lessee. These repairs will be made by the Association and charged back to the slip lessee. The lessee will be responsible for the actions either
    intentional or unintentional of any guest or renter using their leased slip.


  1. Each BridgePointe owner whether acting individually, or through an agent, will remain responsible for compliance with the provisions of this rule, in the sale, lease or other transfer of such BridgePointe Owner's Condominium.
  2. No sign of any kind (including any sign advertising the sale or the services of a realtor or real estate company) will be posted or displayed on or within the condominium except that:
    a. One removable (non-permanent) sign (not to exceed 30" high and 36" in length) on a white background with red colored lettering limited to the use of the word or words "OPEN HOUSE".
    b. The use of or affixing to any portion of the common elements (or any mobile device located thereon) of inflated devices such as balloons, etc. is prohibited at all times.
  3. BridgePointe owners unit for sale on the drives, street, or other common element of property is prohibited.
  4. The Association retains the right to remove (or otherwise enforce the removal of) any sign and/or flag, balloon or other device not in conformity here withstanding.
  5. The furnishing of keys to BridgePointe owners, their agents or prospective purchasers of any property being offered for sale, lease or other transfer, is and will remain the sole responsibility of the BridgePointe owner. The Association, its agents, or employees, will have no obligation in connection there withstanding.
  6. Each BridgePointe owner (and/or any successor owner) will remain liable for any unpaid assessments pertaining to the respective unit. Provided that the Association will, upon receipt of written request and payment thereof, furnish such BridgePointe
    owner, agent or mortgagee with respect to such unit.
  7. Each BridgePointe owner, individually or acting by or through an agent, will be responsible for notifying the Association of any transfer of ownership and to furnish Association (1) the mailing address of the transferee owners, and (2) a "recorded" machine copy of the transfer deed and mortgage deed.
  8. No unit owner will rent or lease his unit to a person less than 21 years of age and will require in any agreement that any persons occupying said unit be supervised by a person of at least 21 years of age.
  9. Any lease entered into with a unit will require all lessees and their guests to abide by the provisions of the Condominium Declaration, By-Laws, and these Rules and Regulations.


  1. The Associatiqn, for the purpose of protecting the property's interest and preventing water damage to the common elements, and the individual units, requires that each BridgePointe owner weatherize their unit by:

    a. Discontinuing water service when the unit is unoccupied by closing the valve, turning "off" the ice-maker, and turning to "off" position the electric power supplying the hot water heater. Violators will be fined.
    b. Setting the thermostat controlling the heating system at a setting of not less than fifty-five (55) degrees Fahrenheit of all units.

  2. Damages that may occur to the common elements and/or individual units as a result of a unit owner's failure (or negligence) in weatherizing such unit after the completion of such unit owner's stay, will remain the personal liability of such unit owner and their insurer.


  1. Scheduling for exclusive use of the clubhouse must be done in advance by contacting the Managing Agent. The non-refundable fee for exclusive use of the clubhouse is $50.00.
  2. A signed and dated form of the reservation will be given to the owner with a copy to
    be retained by the Managing Agent as contact person.
  3. Homeowner must be present in the clubhouse with the party.
  4. Adult (over 21 years of age) supervision is required at all times the clubhouse is in use.
  5. Each homeowner will supply their own necessities such as eating utensils, plates, cups, flatware, napkins, paper towels, coffee, etc.
  6. Before leaving, all trash is to be picked up and deposited in the dumpster. No trash is to be left in the clubhouse or outside the door of the clubhouse.
  7. There are to be no left-overs in the refrigerator.
  8. The sinks, counter-tops, floors, and bathrooms will be cleaned and furniture replaced.
  9. Any abuse of the clubhouse should be reported to the Managing Agent. This includes unacceptable behavior and excessive noise.
  10. The clubhouse will be open no later than 10:00 p.m.
  11. Homeowners are responsible for any damage done to clubhouse.


  1. Game Room hours are from 9:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.
  2. Only owners and accompanying guests are allowed in the game room. A responsible adult must accompany children under 12 years of age.
  3. All equipment must remain in the game room area. Any damaged or missing equipment is the responsibility of owner present to repair/replace.
  4. No 'horseplay' allowed in the game room.
  5. Noise must be kept to a minimum - this includes radios.
  6. Close all blinds when you leave the game room area.
  7. Do not leave any trash such as soda cans, candy wrappers, etc. in the game room area.
  8. Turn lights off when you leave the game room area.
  9. Lock the door when you leave the game room.
  10. No pets are allowed in the game room area.


  1. BridgePointe Condominiums has an exclusive rental arrangement with the following rental agencies. All unit owners who rent their units through a rental agency must use:

    • PMG Rentals
      3705 S. Highway 54
      Lake Ozark, MO 65049
      (573) 365-6260
      (800) 237-3434

    • Al Elam Rentals
      2860 Bagnell Dam Blvd.
      Lake Ozark, MO 65049
      (573) 365-3367
      (800) 356-2311

    • Joe Knollhoff
      Lake Area Rentals & Real Estate
      P 0 BOX 1668
      Lake Ozark, MO 65049
      (573) 216-2394

  2. Violators will be fined.


  1. A verbal warning of infractions of rules and regulations will be issued.
  2. A letter will be sent to the homeowner within seven (7) days specifying the rules violation. The violation may have been perpetrated by the homeowner, a family member, guest or renter.
  3. If no fine is provided for elsewhere in these Rules and Regulations, or the By-Laws, a written ticket of $50.00 will be issued to the owner of record for each second infraction of the same By-Law and/or Rules and Regulations.
  4. For payment of fines, unit owners, when sending in assessment payments, should include payment plus the specified fine amount. If the homeowner chooses to pay partial payments, the fines, late fees, court judgment, maintenance charges, and all
    other incidental expenses will be deducted before assessments are reduced. This will result in the unit owner's assessment being incomplete. Incomplete assessments will incur the appropriate late charges.

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