USRM has years of practical, hands-on experience working with homeowners associations, property owners associations, rental properties, and timeshare properties. If you are a developer who is looking to start a HOA/POA or a board member wanting to make a change for the better, we can help you get started and review key items with you such as insurance, reserve funding, budgeting, etc.


This division, operated under both U.S. Help and USRMI's Property Management division, currently manages multi-slip condominium association docks.
Management responsibilities include:

  • Billing and accounting
  • Policy and rules enforcement
  • Insurance administration
  • Reserve fund calculation and collection

Operational Maintenance, which includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Insect control
  • Trash removal
  • Structure checks
  • General repairs
  • Light and electrical repairs
  • Signage
  • De-icer installation/removal
Safety, cleanliness, repairs and strict adherence to policies and rules are key elements in USRMI's managerial philosophy of dock operation.


The staff of U.S. Resort Management includes two “master gardeners” who help to direct all of our grounds care services.
The majority of services offered are performed under a seasonal contract. Services generally include lawn mowing, weed control, pre-season preparation (seed, mulch, fertilizer), water and irrigation operation, trimming, garden maintenance, planting and more.
All services can be custom tailored, based on the individual needs of those with whom we contract.


Pool care is provided to associations and individual homeowners through our U.S. Help division. Our employees have taken special training and USRMI has three Certified Pool Operators on staff. We offer routinely provided care on an annual contract basis.

We currently provide the following services to individual homeowners and homeowners associations:

  • Routine Cleaning
  • Routine Chemical Adjustments
  • Pre-season Pool Opening
  • Post-season Pool Shutdown
  • Acid-washing
  • Minor Pool Repairs
To find out more about our Pool Care Services, contact our U.S. Help office at 573-365-8565.


Managing interval estates (timeshare, fractional or vacation ownership) is a very specialized form of property management. U.S. Resort Management can offer extensive experience in the area of timeshare management.

Services Offered
Most general property management (including association management) handles only exterior services (such things as landscaping, roof and building maintenance, snow removal, and maintenance of common elements.).
Timeshare management, on the other hand, includes all interior operations, including all functions dealing with how owners use the property.

Reserves for furniture and equipment replacement are established, collected, and maintained according to a calculated schedule; interior maintenance is performed (both preventative and on-call), and each condominium is refurbished and deep cleaned during the annual down-time (maintenance weeks).

The USRMI staff is very knowledgeable of the exchange process and will advise owners on the exchange process (trades with other resort timeshare owners).

Further, USRMI handles all cleaning activities—scheduling, seasonal cleans, carpets, furniture, etc., using a combination of  company-managed cleaning operation and outside vendors.

Experience and resources allows USRMI to deliver a high level of expertise in providing more and better services while maintaining a very competitive rate.

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If you are interested in learning more about U.S. Resort Management’s offerings, please contact Liz Brown for more information, or to receive a copy of our Profile of Services. 

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