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GrandView Home Owners Association Rules and Regulations

Purchasing a home within a community association offers many advantages to the homeowner, but at the same time imposes certain restrictions. These restrictions are not meant as an inconvenience or invasion of your freedom, but rather as a means of maintaining harmony, general decorum, and property values within the community.

Here then are the initial set of rules and regulations for The Properties at GrandView (“GrandView”) as adopted by the Board of Directors of the Homeowners Association:

1. Property uses within GrandView shall be residential in nature and compatible with the recreational qualities and natural beauty and environment of The Lake of the Ozarks. No such uses or activities shall be offensive to other residents, nor shall they negatively affect the environment of The Properties at GrandView.

2. The speed limits within GrandView are 20 MPH on main roads and 10 MPH on private HOA roads and access areas. Pedestrians and bicycles should be given the right-of-way.

3. No littering of any kind, including any smoking material.


5. Trash containers shall not at any time be placed on or near the roadways of GrandView. Trash receptacles will be provided to property owners. Burning of garbage, trash or refuse is not permitted.

6. Any fuel storage tank must be screened so as not to be visible from any road, common area, or lake.

7. Owners shall maintain their property in a manner befitting a quality residential community. This shall include but not be limited to, well maintained grounds, and landscaping and exterior home appearance.

8. Hunting and killing of non-predatory and non-nuisance fowl and animals within the confines of GrandView is expressly prohibited. No weapons may be discharged within the boundaries of The Properties at GrandView.

9. No accessory or “out” buildings are permitted on any lot without prior approval of GrandView Architectural Design Board.

10. No member shall be allowed to circulate any subscription list, place any advertisement or sign, or exhibit any article for sale on their lot, dock, or improved property, including common areas and property belonging to GrandView HOA, unless an exception is granted by the Board of Directors. Examples of such exceptions would include a properly registered “Open House” sign. No solicitation within The Properties at GrandView is allowed.

11. No travel trailer, motor home, mobile home, boat, boat trailer, utility trailer, or commercial vehicle shall be placed on any lot unless garaged in a manner approved by GrandView's
Architectural Design Board.

12. Overnight camping on any lot or any common area is prohibited.

13. No drilling, refining, quarrying or mining operation of any kind shall be permitted on any lot or common area.

14. Any improvement, once approved, shall be completed in a timely manner and in no case longer than nine months. The time of construction shall commence as of the date the building permit is issued.

15. No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be housed, raised or kept within GrandView, except that commonly accepted household pets (not including horses) may be kept, provided they are not kept or maintained for any commercial purposes, and are not a nuisance to adjoining property owners. Dogs may be kept upon a lot by the owner of said lot, so long as the dogs are securely confined in an enclosure approved by the Architectural Design Board, or restricted by a suitable leash or chain, or, if being fully trained, are at all times in voice control of the owner and are not running at large. No dogs shall be left confined or unconfined outside the owner's control and presence. Allowing continuous barking of dogs under owners control is a violation of this rule. All pet waste shall be disposed of by the pet owner. Special emphasis shall be made by pet owner to ensure no pet waste of any variety be deposited on grass or landscaped areas.

16. Motorcycles, mopeds, go-carts or any off-road vehicles are not permitted on common property, roads or road right-of-ways, except as approved by the Board of Directors.

17. The number of guests which a member may have for the purpose of swimming and/or use of the recreation facilities are not limited, providing guests are accompanied by a member and prior arrangements are made for groups of 12 or more. The requirements of “presence of a member” is fulfilled if the member is generally participating in activities in which the guest(s) is (are) engaged and when the member is within range of reasonable communication of guests.

18. No exterior radio, TV or satellite dish in excess of eighteen (18) inches shall be maintained or erected on any home or lot.

19. Garage doors must be closed except for vehicle ingress and egress. All outside parked vehicles must have a current license and must be operable.

20. No clothesline or clothes drying facility shall be permitted in any area that may be visible from any road or any other residence.

21. Mailboxes will be standardized and provided by and installed by the association at resident's cost.

22. No helicopters shall be allowed on or near (200 feet) any lot or common area.

23. No business or commercial activity shall be permitted on any lot, except that small personal home offices may be permitted with the approval of Architectural Design Board.

24. No overnight parking in the streets of GrandView is allowed. Additional parking is available at the clubhouse/recreational area or at the dock area.

25. Separate rules for docks have been written and should be obtained by dock users.

These rules may be amended, added to, or modified by The GrandView HOA Board of Directors as may be necessary from time to time to ensure community well-being.

GrandView Home Owners Association Dock Rules and Regulations

“Lessee” – Any GrandView property owner who has “purchased” a long-term lease and is paying an annual assessment. All rules for Lessee correspondingly apply to tenants and/or guests.

“Lessor” – GrandView Rentals or its assigns – dock owner.

1. Lessee will make no additions, changes or modification to any portion of his dock or to any general dock area, without prior written consent of lessor or lessor's agent.

2. Lessee will keep all areas, as well as personal dock area, clean and free of any impediment (boxes, lockers, ice chest or any personal property).

3. Lessee shall not install or cause to be installed any locker or storage area on any dock area.

4. Lessee will not store nor permit storage of any flammable fuels, oils, or chemicals in or around his locker or dock area.

5. Absolutely no fuel is to be carried onto the docks or used at the dock area at any time. Any gas spill shall be immediately reported to Lessor or agent (365-6628).

6. Lessee shall use his slip or any other area of the dock only for the purpose intended and only for the size and character of the boat suited to their slip.

7. Lessee shall use the highest standards of boating safety, courtesy and cleanliness and shall fully comply with all applicable state and local laws.

8. Lessee shall not install or caused to be installed any boat lift, hoist or device to secure boat to slip, without prior written approval from Lessor or agent.

9. Lessee shall install “rough water stops” (hoist stabilizers) if, in the opinion of the Lessor or his agent, said hoist or lift is creating an interfering noise, by being allowed to float freely.

10. No action by any Lessee which interferes with the “quiet enjoyment” of surrounding residences is allowed.

11. Lessee shall not leave his hoist vacant (no boat) in such a position as to, in the opinion of lessor, cause damage to the overall dock's infrastructure. Since hoists vary in design and operation, lessee should seek advice of manager, if in doubt. The following examples are to serve as guidelines for said positioning:

a.   Pontoon hoists with rough water stops should not be left in full up position with “stops” tight against the dock structure; rather, said hoist should be brought to near-full up position (pontoons partly out of water), without upward pressure on the dock structure.

b.   Boat floater hoists should be left in up position, as should any hoist without rough water stops.

12. Lessee will instruct hoist installer to grind down the underside of concrete pads so as to allow bolts which fasten to dock to be inset in the concrete pavers, thus ensuring the concrete pavers are consistently flat along the entire walkway.

13. Lessee shall not advertise any property, service, or leasehold for sale, use, or rent, on or within the premises of the GrandView Docks, nor on property within GrandView.

14. A late fee of one dollar ($1.00) per day, plus interest of 1½% per month shall be levied on all fees, or assessments more than 10 days past due.

15. Lessor may, after reasonable attempts to cure any violation of any provision of lease or any violation of a rule or regulation, levy a fine on lessee committing or causing said violation. Fine may be up to $10.00 per day, a singular fine of up to $500.00, or both. Unpaid fines will be added to lessees account, and if unpaid, will be treated the same as delinquent assessments.

16. Lessor reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations as situations may warrant.


What GrandView Owners Receive for Their Dues


An excellent question for those who have never owned property in a private subdivision and one often misunderstood by those who have. A homeowners association (HOA) is very much like the town government of a small city, only this “city” is a community, privately owned by like-minded people seeking a quality living environment. Such a community will develop its own unique rules called protective covenants. Such rules are said to “run with the land.” Their purpose is to preserve the quality of life and the standards set forth by the community's developer. The HOA works to ensure adherence to the “covenants” – in addition to it's management duties.

The Properties at Grandview are poised to be one of the premier single family residences on Horseshoe Bend. To meet this expectation, quality administration, management, and maintenance of GrandView are essential. A professional HOA management firm, coupled with an adequate budget can assure this positioning. U.S. Resort Management, Inc., as agent for The GrandView HOA, will collect annual assessments which will then be used to provide each property owner with the following services:

  • 24-hour access to HOA management
  • Road maintenance and snow removal for common areas and private roads and parking
  • Maintenance and cleaning of all common HOA facilities
  • Landscaping and grounds care of all common areas
  • Enforcement of GrandView's Restrictive Covenants and Rules and Regulations
  • General Administration
    • Owner services, publications, welcome packages, government
    • Business affairs
    • Accounting (budgeting, billing, collection, accounts payable, record keeping, insurance, financial statements and tax preparation)
  • Facilities management
    • Clubhouse and Activity Center (once turned over by the developer)
    • Swimming pool with patio/lounge area
    • Basketball court


RidgeCrest homes is the third area, along with The Bluffs and The Villas, which comprise the Properties at GrandView. These homes are also within the jurisdiction of another subdivision (Four Seasons) and will share services with both GrandView HOA and Four Seasons POA. As well, RidgeCrest homeowners are assessed fees by both associations.



Martin Goens
Lex Lossing
Vice President
Terry Miller
Susan Bowden Corresponding Secretary
Cheryl Snapp Recording Secretary
Marilyn Eeten
Robert Munz


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