North Shore Condominiums

Board of Directors

Dennis Horn
Russ Frailey
Vice President
Terry Luikart
Linda Heckman Treasurer
Bob Nienhueser Director



    1. Homeowners are responsible for the conduct of their guest.
    2. Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.  During this time, please remember to be considerate of your neighbors.
    3. Every individual should help to keep the complex clean by placing trash in the proper receptacles.
    4. Fireworks and firearms are NOT to be discharged on the property at any time.
    5. Bicycles and skateboards are NOT allowed on the sidewalks or the docks at any time.
    6. Decks and patios may NOT be used for storage of property.  (Barbeque grills and patio furniture are acceptable.)
    7. Operate “all watercraft” at idle speed within 100 feet of docks.
    8. No cooking is allowed on the pool deck, docks or entry walkways.
    9. Propane grills are the only authorized grills to be used at the complex.  Charcoal barbeque grills are PROHIBITED.
    10. No mobile homes, trailers, commercial trucks, boat trailers, boats, buses or inoperable vehicles shall be parked within the development.  Parking is provided for boat trailers near the well house.
    11. No more than one household pet shall be kept per unit.  Pets must be reasonably controlled as to NOT be a nuisance.  Pets shall be on a leash when outside the unit and accompanied by the owner.  No pet shall be tied or confined to any common element of the development.  Owners must clean up after their pet.  Pets should be kept out of the pool area.
    12. Nothing may be hung on the decks; this includes clothes, laundry, towels, rafts, etc.
    13. Any modification to units or limited common elements must be approved by the Board of Directors.
    14. No storage of gasoline will be allowed anywhere at the complex.
    15. Signs and other decorations are not to be screwed to or otherwise fastened to vinyl siding on either the parking lot or lake side of the buildings.
    16. BBQ grills are to be pulled away from the siding prior to use and must be completely cooled before pushing back into place.  Owners shall be responsible for the expense of replacing siding if it is melted by grills.
    17. Entry storm doors must be dark brown, black or “bronze” in color.


    1. Pool hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
    2. Glass containers are NOT allowed in the pool area.
    3. Diving is NOT allowed.
    4. Pool furniture is NOT to be removed from the wood decking or concrete pool area for any reason.
    5. Bicycles and skateboards are NOT allowed around the pool area.
    6. Please DO NOT feed the ducks in the pool area.
    7. Children under 10 years of age are NOT allowed in the pool area without parental supervision.
    8. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.  There is no lifeguard on duty.
    9. Fishing is NOT allowed from the pool deck.
    10. Water balloons are strictly prohibited in the pool area.


    1. Please be courteous and respect other’s property when using the docks.  DO NOT place any article on or use other Homeowners’ boats for any reason.
    2. No running, horseplay, bicycles or skateboards are allowed on the docks.
    3. NO diving or jumping from the roof of the docks.
    4. Take trash with you and deposit in appropriate trash receptacles.
    5. Keep all center dock walkways clear.  Boats are NOT to obstruct the common walkways.
    6. NO children under 10 years of age are allowed on the docks without adult supervision and without wearing an appropriate flotation device.
    7. NO use of individual slips without the approval of slip lessee.
    8. Swimmers should give a considerable right of way to boats entering and leaving the dock area.
    9. Fireworks, BB guns and firearms are NOT to be discharged at any time.
    10. NO overnight parking is allowed at the end of the docks.  Boat parking on the ends of the docks is limited to two (2) hours.
    11. Boat slip hoists must be correctly installed.  Owners will be responsible for incorrectly installed hoists that damage the dock structure.
    12. Operate “ALL WATERCRAFT” at idle speed within 100 feet of docks.  This is also a state law and the Water Patrol can ticket you if you cause a wake with any watercraft (boat, pontoon, jet ski) within 100 feet of the dock.
    13. The storage and use of combustible material on the docks is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
    14. Mooring protection material shall be white vinyl material.  All devices must           be in accordance with established guidelines as to maintain uniformity among the dock owners.
    15. Nothing shall be done in any covered dock slip which will impair the structural integrity of the common dock or which would “structurally change” the dock except as is otherwise provided by the board.
    16. Guest boat parking is allowed at the end of “B” Dock only.  Boat parking is NOT allowed at the end of the PWC Dock.
    17. Dock boxes must be the white fiberglass chest type, maximum size 24” wide, 24” deep and 72” long.  The box must be placed on the shore side finger of the boat slip on the side nearest the boat, and secured by lag screws to the decking of the dock.  Written permission must be obtained from the adjacent slip lessee and from the Board of Directors prior to installation.

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