Cedar Crest Master Association

Board of Directors

Gary Hermann
Betty Scott
Vice President
Ron Birkey
Secretary / Treasurer
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Rules & Regulations

Cedar Crest Rules and Regulations

Purchasing a home within a community association offers many advantages to the homeowner, but at the same time imposes certain restrictions. These restrictions are not meant as an inconvenience or invasion of your freedom, but rather as a means of maintaining harmony, property values, and general decorum within the community.

Here then are the initial set of rules and regulations for Cedar Crest as adopted by the Board of Directors of the Cedar Crest Master Association.

1. The recommended speed limit within Cedar Crest is 15 MPH. Owners and guests are expected at all times to adhere to a practice of reasonableness relative to the weather, road and traffic conditions.

2. No litter, trash, ashes, cigarette butts, garbage or other refuse shall be thrown or dumped on any building or land or area within the property.

3. Trash receptacles left for professional pick-up in front of owner’s property must be promptly removed and in no event left overnight.

4. All exterior changes of any kind to an owner’s property, including removal of trees over five (5) inches in diameter, must be approved by the Cedar Crest Design Review Committee (DRC).

5. All mailboxes within Cedar Crest shall be of an approved variety and installed as prescribed in the Cedar Crest Property Owners Association Design Review Committee Guidelines for Construction.

6. Any fuel storage tank must be buried unless otherwise approved by the Design Review Committee.

7. Owners of developed lots (with homes) shall maintain their property in a manner befitting a quality luxury home community. This shall include but not be limited to well-maintained grounds, landscaping and exterior home appearance.

8. Owners of undeveloped lots shall keep their lots clear of dead or fallen tress, debris and shall keep undergrowth no longer than eight (8) inches.

9. Each owner shall keep drainage ditches or swales located on or near his lot free and unobstructed and in good repair and shall provide for installation of such culverts upon his lot as may be reasonably repaired for proper drainage. Owner will not interfere with the drainage pattern for the property unless permitted by the Committee. Owner shall not divert storm water across neighboring properties.

10. Hunting and killing of non-predatory and non-nuisance fowl and animals within the confines of Cedar Crest is prohibited. The carrying of firearms is prohibited within the confines of Cedar Crest.

11. No accessory or “out” buildings or temporary structures are permitted on any lot without the prior approval of the Cedar Crest Board of Directors (except as is permitted during construction).

12. No member shall be allowed to circulate any subscription list, place any advertisement or sign, or exhibit any article for sale on their lot, dock, or improved property, including common areas, and property belonging to Cedar Crest Master Association, unless an exception is granted by the Board of Directors. Examples of such exceptions would include a properly registered “Builder’s” sign, which is to be for informational and emergency purposes only. This sign shall be 24” x 24” in size and include only the following information: the last name of the contractor, an emergency phone number and the building permit. An additional exception, which may be granted by the Board of Directors, will be home security signs. These signs will be acceptable as follows: placed within 5 feet of the home, issued by a security company and limited to two such signs on the property.

13. No trucks (over ¾ ton), trail bikes, RVs, motor homes, snowmobiles, campers, trailers, boats or boat trailers, or other similar vehicles shall be parked, stored, or placed on any portion of the property except as follows: 1) RVs, motor homes, campers, boats or boats on trailers may be parked in the driveway of a lot for a forty-eight (48) hour period to load or unload the vehicle, or 2) if garaged in a manner approved by the Design Review Committee or Board of Directors.

14. Camping or picnicking on any lot or any common area (except designated areas) is prohibited.

15. No drilling, refining, quarrying or mining operation of any kind shall be permitted on any lot or common area.

16. No laundry shall be dried or hung outside on any lot or common property.

17. No automobiles or other vehicles shall be regularly parked in any street or upon any portion of the property except within garages, or designated parking areas. No work on automobiles may be preformed in any visible or exposed portion of the property. No abandoned, inoperable or oversized vehicles of any kind shall be stored or parked on any portion of owners’ property or Cedar Crest common property. No off-road vehicles are permitted on common property, roads or road right-of-ways.

18. The number of guests which a member may have for the purpose of swimming and/or use of the community recreational facilities are not limited, providing guests are accompanied by a member and prior arrangements are made for groups of 12 or more. The requirements of “presence of a member” is fulfilled if the member is generally participation in activities in which the guest(s) is (are) engaged and when the member is within range of reasonable communication of guests.

19. No exterior fires or fireworks, except barbecues, outside fireplaces, and/or braziers are permitted.

20. Permanent statuary, “lawn art” or other non-customary items shall not be displayed in view of neighboring properties or public without written permission from Cedar Crest Board of Directors.

21. No exterior horns, whistles, bells, fireworks or other sound devices, except security devices, shall be used on the property. No obnoxious, offensive activity, or activity considered a public nuisance shall be permitted on the property.

22. No animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind shall be housed, raised or kept within Cedar Crest, except that commonly accepted household pets (not including horses) may be kept, provided they are not kept or maintained for any commercial purposes, and are not a nuisance to adjoining property owners. Such pets may not be permitted to run at large. Pets may not be kept out of doors not withstanding the provision of a doghouse, pen or fence. Pedestrians within the property who are accompanied by dogs must have the dogs under the pedestrian’s direct control by a leash not to exceed 10 feet.

23. The Clubhouse may be available for private functions for Cedar Crest property owners. Anyone wishing to reserve the clubhouse must register with the property management company for the association.

These rules may be amended, added to, or modified by the Cedar Crest Board of Directors as may be necessary from time to time to ensure community well being.

In the event of a conflict between the General Rules and the Restrictive Covenants, the Covenants control.

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