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Board of Directors

Kevin Dellopoulos
Jason Wulff
Vice President
Cindy Rehmeier
Randy Vincent


Rules and Regulations

  1. No Smoking inside any unit at any time (smoke travels through vents to other units).
  2. NO PETS  allowed inside units, or on premises at any time. No exceptions!
  3. The "Board of Managers" must be made aware of each person occupying      (living) in the unit (name and ages) immediately!
  4. Quiet hours are between 10:00pm and 9:00am.
  5. Decks are "common" areas, and are not to be used for storage of any kind. Common decks may not be "obstructed" at any time. All "personal items" must be stored inside the unit at all times. Decks must be kept free and clear of trash, rubbish, and other unsightly materials. Ashtrays must be emptied regular basis.
  6. No charcoal grills, or gas cans are allowed on decks at any time!
  7. Entry doors must be kept closed to the units. No loud blaring music! No Fireworks!
  8. No laundry, or any other items may be hung from any deck at any time.
  9. Each unit has its own table and chairs. You must only use the table and chairs that is specified for your unit. Do not use or sit on other units decks or property.
  10. All units are individually OWNED. This is not an apartment complex. You are only allowed to use the deck space allotted for the unit you are occupying.
  11. All trash must be placed in the trash containers in the parking lot. Do not dispose of trash, food, cigarette butts etc... over the decks rails!!!!!!!!
  12. No extra guests  (other than those who are listed as occupying the unit) may use the pool or hot tub. The boat dock  is for owners use only.
  13. NO GLASS of any kind allowed at the pool.
  14. Children must be at least 14 years of age  to be at the pool. Children under this age must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older. A 14 year old may not supervise younger children!!
  15. Children under 14 may not be in the hot tub without an adult age 18 or older.
  16. No diapers allowed in pool.
  17. You must abide by POSTED POOL HOURS AND RULES! (9:00am - 11:00pm). No exceptions!!!
  18. Nothing other than white blinds may be hung in any window or door of any unit.
  19. No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on in any condominium unit, or in the common elements, nor shall anything be done which will become an annoyance or nuisance to the other owners or occupants.
  20. Working on cars in the parking lot is PROHIBITED. Derelict, unlicensed, or expired licensed vehicles are NOT allowed on the premises. All vehicles without proper tags will be reported to authorities.
  21. Each unit shall have access to two parking spaces. Any additional cars shall park in lot above the pool.
  22. Coin laundry room is for use of the people living in the unit only (not their guests or friends). Laundry is available during business hours only.
  23. Arrangements must be made for mail service (P.O. Boxes etc..). Mail may NOT be sent to the complex address.
  24. No more than 4 people may occupy a one bedroom unit. No more than 6 people may occupy a two bedroom unit.

In an effort to eliminate some of the problems we have been experiencing, The Board would like to vote to change Section 9.8 of the Koala Bear Condominiums Declaration.  The new animal policy shall be as follows:


One dog, cat, or bird may be kept as a pet in a condominium unit y UNIT OWNERS ONLY.  No other person be it (tenants of owners, nightly renters, guests, or friends of owners will be allowed to have a pet of any king either in the unit or on the premises at any time.  There shall be no exceptions to this rule. 

Owners that do bring their pets must keep their pets inside their unit, or on a leash at all times.  Owners must immediately clean up their pet's waste.  Pest must not be allowed to be a nuisance to others. (barking etc.)  Pets will not be allowed up at the pool or on any other common area.  Pets may not be tethered to any trees or decks.  The pet shall not be curbed on shrubbery, flowers, or trees.  The owner will be responsible, and will pay for any damage or destruction caused by the pet to any part of the property, such responsibility and liability of the owner to include repair of damaged items to their former condition, and/or replacement where necessary, in the sole opinion of the Board of Managers. 

The owner acknowledges and agrees that the Board of Managers may revoke this consent and/or amend and change this section pertaining to animals without prior notice to unit owners, and at any time, and unit owners shall abide by such amendments or changes. 

The owner agrees to put the pet out for board or otherwise remove the pet from the unit, if the pet is or becomes a nuisance or annoyance or interferes with the rights or enjoyment of other unit owners, or because of any noises or smell emanating from the pet, damage by the pet, or if the Board of Managers subsequently revoke the consent. 

New policy effective May 8, 2010




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