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Board of Directors

Jason Hess
Kimberly Baker
Vice President
Juhl Williams


Rules and Regulations


  • Lake Osage Condominiums strives to maintain an "Attractive, Pleasant Atmosphere."

  • QUIET HOURS: 10:00 pm until 8:00 am on weekdays; from 12:00 midnight until 8:00
    am on weekends and Holidays.

  • SMOKING: There is no smoking allowed in any of the enclosed common areas
    which include basements, laundry areas, storage lockers, pool house, club house,
    mechanical room, or garage.

  • COMMON ELEMENTS: Common elements are defined as areas designated for
    the use of all residents. Common elements include the grounds, pool, pool decking,
    club/pool house, rest rooms, sidewalks, patios, and stairwells.

  • TRASH AND LITTER: Pick up and dispose of all litter, trash and cans in the pool
    house, rest rooms and patios. If trash cans are full; please empty them in the dumpster.

    Trash, garbage, etc. shall not be left in the stairwells or walkways.

    The laundry room area and storage area should be kept clean by placing all empty
    containers and trash in the trash cans or dumpster.

    If personal items of any type are left unattended in the basement areas, they will be
    marked with a date and three (3) or more days later, will be removed at owners expense.

    The refuse collectors will not pick up anything but garbage and small household trash. If
    you have any other items such as broken appliances, furniture, curtain rods, moving
    boxes, lawn chairs, etc. you must call for a special separate pick up. These items are not
    accepted by our trash company. There is a separate fee to the owner or tenant for this

  • LAUNDRY AREAS: Unattended laundry left in machines will be placed in baskets

    STAIR WELLS: No personal property of any type is to be stored in any of the existing
    eight (8) exterior stairwells. Any personal property left unattended in the stairwells will
    be tagged with a date and time. Owner of the personal property will have 72 hours to
    remove said property or items will be discarded at the unit owner's expense. Exceptions
    to this rule are BBQ grills and lawn chairs.

  • STORAGE LOCKERS: The storage lockers in the lower levels of each building are to
    be used by the occupant of the individual units only. The lockers are in common areas
    and common area use is for occupants only.

  • PARKING: The common side parking lot between the buildings and on the street in
    front of our buildings is restricted to those who have LOC parking stickers in the lower
    right back window, or hang tags. Unidentified vehicles will be towed. Due to the limited
    parking in front of the buildings, only one vehicle per unit will be allowed in the front
    area and the second vehicle will need to park in the side parking lot. Guests should park
    in the side parking area or an unrestricted parking spot.

    No angle parking is allowed.

    Inoperable or unlicensed vehicles will be towed within (72) hours at owner's expense.

    The entrance to sidewalks and walkways is not to be blocked by vehicles.

    Unit owners must provide Management Company with make, model and license plate
    number of vehicles of occupants.

    No long term boat trailers or other watercraft parking is allowed on the premises.

    Short term boat trailer and personal watercraft parking is allowed in the middle lot and
    owner must register trailer/boat with the management immediately. Short term parking is
    no longer than 7 days unless otherwise approved by management.

  • PETS: Pet owners should be considerate of others. Pets must be kept under control at all
    times, so as not to be a nuisance. Pet owners are expected to pick up and dispose of pet

    A designated doggie station is provided at the back of the complex. Owners and tenants
    must pick up after their pets.

    No animals are allowed in the pool, on the pool deck or in the pool house/club house.

    Effective October 1st, 2010, all units that are rented after this date are prohibited from
    having pets of any nature. Tenants that reside at Lake Osage Condominiums prior to
    October 1st 2010, with pets will be exempt from this rule.

    Guests of tenants are not allowed to have pets.

  • BBQ GRILLS: Use of barbecue grills is not permitted under, on, or in the stairwells and
    landing areas. For insurance purposes no grilling is allowed on second floor

    Barbecue grills may be used on the concrete walkways or on the parking lots only.

  • POOL/CLUB ROOM/POOL HOUSE: The pool house and pool are common elements
    of Lake Osage Condominiums.

    Pool hours are 10:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. daily. Small children must be supervised at all
    times by an adult. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

    Effective July 25, 2011, smoking in the club room/pool house will no longer be

    The pool/club house will be closed and winterized during the off season which will
    coincide with the pool closing.

    All persons using the pool or pool area do so at their own risk. The Association assumes
    no responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use or for any loss or
    damage to personal property. There is NO life guard on duty.

    Full-time residency or overnight residency is not allowed in the club house at any time.

    No glass is allowed in the pool, on the pool concrete or wood decking, or in the pool house/club

    The pool and adjoining areas are private. Guests must be accompanied by a resident
    owner or resident tenant at all times.

    The Board of Directors reserves the right to deny anyone the use of the pool area at any

    All unit owners or registered residents are allowed one family or 2 adult and 2 children as

    No children under the age of 14 will be allowed into the pool area without parental or
    guardian supervision. Guardian must be 18 years of age or older. Unit owners, registered
    residents, and guardians are responsible for the behavior and actions of the children. If
    you leave the pool area, you must take the child(ren) with you.

    Use of barbeque grills is not permitted on the pool deck or in the pool area.

    If a unit is rented, the owner cannot utilize the pool area.

    Personal items are not to be left at the pool (i.e. toys, towels, etc.) or they will be
    disposed of by the management.

    Dispose of all trash before leaving the pool area.

    The gate must be closed at all times.

    Pool furniture may not be removed from the pool area for any reason.

    NO DIVING. Running and "horseplay" is prohibited in the pool area.

  • GUESTS AND TENANTS: Guests and tenants are the responsibility of the owner. The
    owner of the unit will be notified if a renter violates any of the Homeowners' Association
    Rules and Regulations. A person is considered a guest when visiting a resident for a
    maximum time period of fourteen (14) days. Guests of a resident may have one (1)
    dog while visiting.

  • FOR SALE SIGNS: "For Sale" signs by real estate brokers are not to be posted
    anywhere on the complex except during Open Houses. A unit owner may place one
    18" x 24" sign with a telephone number only inside the unit if the unit is For Sale By Owner.

  • ALTERATIONS TO COMMON ELEMENTS: Alterations or additions to the
    Common Elements or Limited Common Elements or any unit interior modification to
    walls, plumbing, electrical or flooring, other than carpeting, must have prior written
    consent of the Executive Board.

  • UNIFORM APPEARANCE: To maintain a uniform appearance throughout the
    complex, all window blinds, sun shades, etc; that are visible from the exterior of the
    buildings, must be white or other color(s) as approved by the Executive Board. Storms
    doors are to be black. No blankets, towels, etc. covering windows are allowed.

  • UNIT KEYS: Unit owners must provide Managing Agent with a key to their unit,
    mailing address, phone number(s) and emergency contact information. If the unit is
    rented, the owner must provide the emergency contact information for the tenant to the
    Managing Agent.

  • ACCIDENTS/PROPERTY DAMAGE: Any accidents resulting in personal injury or
    property damage that occurs at Lake Osage Condominiums must be promptly reported to
    the Managing Agent and/or Executive Board within 24 hours of their occurrence.
    Any observed rule violations must be reported at the time of occurrence.

  • OWNERS IN ARREARS: There is an automatic $10 late fee for monthly assessments
    over 10 days past due.

    If an owner is in arrears for their monthly assessment for over one month, they forfeit the
    right to use the common elements and amenities.

    If an owner is in arrears for their monthly assessment for over one month and the condo
    is tenant occupied, the tenant will not be able to use the common elements and amenities.

  • FINES: 1sT VIOLATION: Courtesy call to owner with owner having30 days to
    correct the violation; 2ND VIOLATION: At 30 days, a certified letter to the owner
    with a $50 fine; 3RD VIOLATION: At 60 days, a certified letter to the owner with a
    $100 fine; LEGAL: At 90 days, the violator will be turned over to the Homeowners'
    Association attorney and the violator will be responsible for all attorneys fees and
    court costs.



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